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CDMA Signal Spreading - The VERY basics of how it's done

Example of how the data from three different users is spread (using codes), combined and sent as a single waveform, and then how the data from each user is recovered using each user-specific code.


Multiple Access - FDMA/TDMA/CDMA/OFDMA in 4G LTE

Multiplexing is the process of combining multiple signals and transmitting them over a common channel and it is implemented on telecommunication using Multiple Access as a Application.

Here, Multiple Access is explained with the example of Wi-Fi Hotspot sharing its internet connection among multiple users by providing them a frequency block over which they can transmit and receive data. The greater the size of this block, greater is the throughput.

There are several way by which we can use Multiple Access Technique such as TDMA, FDMA, CDMA, W-CDMA, SDMA, OFDMA, SCMA.

We have also mentioned, How TDMA and FDMA, CDMA, W-CDMA works and implemented in Earlier Generation system which is AMPS, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA+.

To overcome issues faced in earlier generation such as,
- Low Throughput
- Low Spectral efficiency
- Resource wastage and many more,
We have introduce next Generation Multiple Access technique which is already deployed in WIFI and in WIMAX, but due to lack of backward compatibility and support for Mobile communication in WiMAX, Operator started to working OFDM to include in LTE.

Below is the link for all the fundamentals,

Content - 1. Wikipedia
2. Radio Electronics
4. Other Web Sources
Music - Bensound, Google youtube audio library
Vector Images - Open Library, Openclipart Gallary

Happy Learning.

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
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Lecture By: Mr. Arnab Chakraborty, Tutorials Point India Private Limited




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